Visit spots where you will instinctively want to take photos

There are many photogenic spots where you will instinctively want to take photos in Ehime Prefecture. These include superb views produced by the Seto Island Sea and colorful worlds. We introduce you here to photo spots we especially recommend from among numerous picture-perfect sights.

Cherry Blossoms and a Castle: Beauty of Japan

Take a walk to view gorgeous cherry blossoms at Matsuyama Castle
This is a famous castle that towers over the center of Matsuyama. You cannot miss the twin features of the cherry blossoms that serve as a symbol of Japan and this famous castle packed with the beauty and history of Japan! The view from the castle tower is also exceptional.

Campus of Nature

Omogo Gorge: The clear river reflects the fresh green leaves on its surface
You will find superb views at Omogo Gorge produced by a clear stream, fresh green leaves and strangely shaped rocks that look like art objects! The emerald green water surface has a beauty that seems to suck you into it.

Where the Sea Meets the Sky

View Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge from Oshima
You will be deeply moved if you look down under your eyes at Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge from Kirosan Observatory Park. The vast clear blue sea merges into the sky here.

Natural Slide

Exhilarating canyoning in Nametoko Gorge
Yukiwa Falls gracefully falls down a huge monolithic slope. Why don't you experience the thrill of sliding down this superb view?

Graceful Japanese Irises

Be impressed by the Japanese atmosphere in Nanraku-en Garden
This is one of the largest Japanese gardens in Shikoku with beautiful cherry blossoms and fall leaves. The 30,000 Japanese irises blooming in a variety of colors around May every year has a breathtaking beauty.

Take a Deep Breath in a Gorge

Forest therapy in Odamiyama Gorge
Odamiyama Gorge is home to the babbling of a river and the fresh air of a mountain. The season of fresh green leaves in which the green leaves of the trees reflect on the water surface and the season of fall leaves in which the trees cover the entire area in yellow and red are both soothing sights.

Dogo Onsen at Night

Dogo Onsen Honkan floats magically in the dark night
The entire building of the tasteful three-story wooden Honkan has been designated an important cultural property of Japan. It is sometimes wrapped up to turn it into a work of art.

Flowers of the Summer in the Night Sky

Ozu Castle and fireworks - experience the summer of Japan
The sight in which fireworks seem to incessantly pour down from the castle tower here is truly stunning. The loud sounds you can hear are one of the attractions because it is located in a basin surrounded on all sides by mountains.

Take a Walk through the Olden Days

Take a relaxed stroll through the traditional streets of the Yokaichi-Gokoku areas
The elegant buildings create streets with a feeling of calmness and relaxation. You should also check out the unique building decorations. Make sure to appreciate this beauty of form rich in design.

Visit Cherry Blossoms and an Island

Cherry blossoms blooming as though embracing the mountain
A 360-degree panorama extends out at the summit of Mt. Sekizen. The sight of approximately 3,000 cherry trees covering the mountain in pink is called ""Tennyo no Hagoromo"" (Robe of a Celestial Maiden). It is so magnificent you will be at a loss for words.

Fusion of Towels and Art

Luxurious towels with a commitment to design
This is the world's first towel museum. You will find many things to delight your eyes here. These include giant food artworks made of cotton and colorful quilt works.

Unmanned Station Near to the Sea

Find the Seto Inland Sea if you get off at JR Shimonada Station
The sunlit surface of the sea shines brilliantly during the day while the golden sea illuminated by the setting sun shines brightly at dusk. This view makes for a lovely photograph wherever you look.

Wind Blowing over the Land

Shikoku Karst: limestones continuing on and on
This unique sight unfolds before you with countless white limestones extending out on a plateau. The driving course with its exceptional scenery that takes you through the clouds is like a ""road through the sky.""

The Place Closest to the Sunset in Shikoku

Nostalgia for lighthouses at Cape Sada - the westernmost tip of Shikoku
You can see the setting sun melt into the sea at dusk. It quickly changes into a different location than it was during the day!

Canola Flowers over an Entire Plateau

Take a walk with the spring breeze blowing at Suiha Kogen
This is a picturesque sight with a 360-degree panorama extending out to the Seto Inland Sea and the Shikoku Mountains where colorful flowers bloom in full profusion. It gorgeously welcomes visitors.

Ice Sculpture

Experience Shirai Falls in winter to calm your soul
There are even days when the entire waterfall with a drop of 96 meters freezes and you can see a mysterious sight like that of an ice sculpture.

Stonework Terraced Rice Fields

Paddy fields extend out on the steep mountain slopes
This rural landscape looks different in each season: there is a view made attractive by the greenery, a view in which the ears of rice shine in gold and a view in which the setting sun is reflected and covers the water-filled terraced rice fields in vermillion.

Sky and Palette

Reach out to the clouds from the top of the mountain
The steep rock face of Mt. Ishizuchi is like a palette with red and yellow paints in the fall season period. The view from the summit and the accompanying sense of accomplishment are only for those who have climbed the mountain.

Enraptured by the Dynamism

Niihama Taiko Festival will take your breath away with its splendor
Many onlookers become entranced with the dynamic taikodai (large floats used to carry taiko drums) at this fall festival in Ehime with a gorgeousness and magnificence that the prefecture is proud to show to the rest of the nation,

Mental State of the Wabi-sabi Aesthetic Sense

The space of Garyu Sanso is where the heart of Japan lives
The clear air will cleanse your soul and the quiet time will make you forget your everyday life. It is an extraordinary rare building with elegance where you can encounter the beauty and character found in Japan since time immemorial.