Useful Information

Explore Ehime worry-free with these essential travel tips, covering everything from travel passes to emergency contacts.

Car Rentals in Ehime

Car rental outlets are typically located near major transportation hubs such as train stations, ports, and airports. To rent a car, you will need a valid license, an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from your country of residence, and be at least 18 years old.


It is advisable to carry cash when traveling around Ehime. While card and electronic payments are widely accepted in larger towns and cities like Matsuyama, many smaller businesses, particularly in rural areas, may only accept cash. ATMs that accept foreign-issued cards are available in most town and city centers but are less common outside of urban areas. You can exchange foreign currency at Matsuyama Airport, some tourist information centers, and select banks.


Free Wi-Fi services are available around the prefecture. Ehime Free Wi-Fi is a regional service available at select locations, including most popular tourist attractions. Many cafes and restaurants have Wi-Fi for customer use and most hotels also have Wi-Fi. For uninterrupted connectivity, you may want to buy a data sim card or rent a portable Wi-Fi router. These are typically available at major transport hubs and electronics stores.

Baggage Delivery Services

Travel luggage-free across Ehime with handy baggage delivery services that allow you to send your luggage to a desired destination to pick up later. These destinations are not limited to the prefecture and many offer same-day delivery options. Baggage delivery services are especially useful if you are cycling around Ehime, walking the Ohenro pilgrimage around Shikoku, or traveling with particularly large or heavy luggage.

Baggage Storage

There are coin lockers in almost every major train station across Ehime. Some newer lockers accept IC card payments, while older ones typically only accept 100 yen coins. You may also be able to leave your bags at tourist information centers and at your accommodation before check-in or after check-out.

Travel Passes

Take advantage of travel passes when exploring Ehime to save on transportation fees, especially if you’re planning to visit multiple destinations. The ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass provides unlimited train travel around Shikoku on select train lines. For travel within Matsuyama, the All Iyotetsu Day Pass lets you use all Iyotetsu services (tram, train, bus) as much as you want for up to four days. If you are visiting Ehime from prefectures outside of Shikoku, it might be worth investing in a Japan Rail Pass, which can be used on all major JR national trains including shinkansen trains.

Tourist Information Centers

Tourist information centers are an excellent resource for up-to-date information of the attractions or sites in the area. Many places will have English-speaking staff who will try to assist in any way they can, and there are often materials available in multiple languages. Check the list of list of Tourist Information Centers in Ehime.

Emergency Contacts

If you ever run into any trouble during your trip, please refer to this list for immediate assistance or guidance. The 24-hour Japan Visitor Hotline (050-3816-2787) offers support in English, Chinese, and Korean, and can be called for tourist information or assistance in the case of accidents and emergencies. In the case of an emergency, dial 110 for police and 119 for fire and ambulance services.