Getting Around Ehime

The extensive public transportation network of trains and buses makes it easy to get around Ehime. There are also car rental outlets, sightseeing taxi services, and bicycle hire options in most towns.

  • Train

    The JR Shikoku Railway connects cities along the coast from Shikokuchuo in eastern Ehime to Matsuyama in central Ehime and Uwajima in the south. International visitors can purchase the ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass, which allows unlimited rides on all trains operating in Shikoku, using unreserved seats. This includes the trains and trams of the Iyotetsu Line which operate in and around Matsuyama. Please note that there are two stations in Matsuyama; Matsuyama City Station is on the Iyotetsu Line while Matsuyama Station is on the JR Line. JR also operates sightseeing trains in the prefecture such as the Iyonada Monogatari, a luxury train that runs between Matsuyama and either Ozu or Yawatahama. This train is not covered by the Rail Pass, and reservations are required.

  • Bus

    Buses connect all corners of Ehime, with different companies operating in different regions. The Setouchi Bus service operates in eastern Ehime (Toyo), and the Uwajima Bus and Iyotetsu Nanyo Bus services operate in the southern Ehime (Nanyo). Iyotetsu operates buses in Matsuyama, as well as tram and some rail services. The All Iyotetsu Day Pass gives you unlimited use of Iyotetsu services in Matsuyama for up to four days.

    Note that some buses may not accept credit or IC card payments, so it is advisable to carry cash and small change. For information on taking the bus in Japan, check the Japan National Tourism Organization page.

  • Bicycle

    Ehime is a popular cycling destination with nearly 30 diverse cycling routes and almost twice as many bike rental outlets. Cyclists will find convenient services such as repair shops, guided bike tours, and cyclist-friendly rest areas, cafes, and accommodations throughout the prefecture. The Shimanami Kaido is one of the most popular bike routes, with sections that cover several islands in eastern Ehime.

  • Car

    Traveling by car provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility, enabling you to maximize your time and more easily visit off-the-beaten-path destinations. Car rental outlets are typically located at and around the main transportation hubs in Ehime, including Matsuyama Airport, Matsuyama Port, Imabari Port, and city train stations. To rent a car, you must have a valid license, an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from your country of residence, and be at least 18 years old. Additional paperwork or documentation may be necessary depending on the country of issuance. Learn more about driving in Japan on the Japan Automobile Federation website or about renting cars on the Japan National Tourism Organization website.

  • Taxi

    In bigger cities such as Matsuyama, there are taxi stands at train stations and most tourist attractions. In remote areas, there are fewer taxi stands and you may need to call to arrange a taxi. Sightseeing taxis or chartered taxis are a convenient way to travel flexibly, and can be booked for a few hours or a full day. Most taxis accept credit and IC card payments, but some may only accept cash, so it is important to carry cash with you. For more information on taking taxis in Japan, visit the Japan National Tourism Organization page.