Where to Stay

During your stay in Ehime, you can enjoy hot springs and delicious seafood-based cuisine. Take gifts from the sea and the land, and have a relaxing stay in one of our wide range of accommodation options!

  • Onsen Ryokan

    Dogo Onsen in Ehime is known as the oldest hot spring in Japan. According to historical texts, many emperors and members of the Imperial family used to visit Dogo Onsen for a therapeutic bath. The Onsen is also famous for its close links with Japanese literature. As Dogo Onsen is located near a port town, you can enjoy local seafood at the many surrounding Onsen Ryokans. The simple alkaline hot spring water is mild and smooth on your skin, and popular for both therapeutic and beauty effects. Enjoy a stay at an Onsen Ryokan and indulge yourself in Japanese culture!

  • Hotels

    Hotels are mainly located in the city-centres and provide easy access to the various tourist sights. Some hotels have hot spring water sourced from Dogo Onsen and are a great option for visitors to try the Japanese onsen experience. Naturally, many hotels also offer excellent cuisine. Enjoy a stay at one of our hotels and combine a memorable local experience with modern hotel convenience!

  • Traditional Japanese Houses

    Remodelled for accommodation, traditional Japanese houses offer unique charms. These houses provide a sense of what traditional life was like in the old times, but have the modern facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for international guests. Staying at one of these houses is a popular option for anyone who enjoys immersing themselves in traditional local culture, cuisine and landscapes.