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Iyotetsu Pass伊予鉄パス

○Pass Name
  ALL IYOTETSU 1Day・2Day・3Day・4Day Pass
○Where the pass can be used
  All trams, trains and buses run by Iyotetsudo
  (The Bocchan Train, High Speed Bus, Express Bus and Iyotetsu Nanyo Bus are excluded)
  1 Day Pass: Adult 1,800円, Child 900円
  2 Day Pass: Adult 2,800円, Child 1,400円
  3 Day Pass: Adult 3,700円, Child 1,850円
  4 Day Pass: Adult 4,500円, Child 2,250円
○Valid Period
  1 Day Pass: 1 day
  2 Day Pass: 2 consecutive days
  3 Day Pass: 3 consecutive days
  4 Day Pass: 4 consecutive days
○Locations Sold
  Iyotetsu Ticket Center(Matsuyama City station)
  Iyotetsu Travel(Okaido Sales Office, Matsuchika Town)
  Dogo Onsen Station Ticket Counter
  JR Matsuyama Station Tourist Information Office
  Matsuyama Airport 1st Floor Information Booth
  Family Mart Matsuyama Airport Store
  Inside a Matsuyama Airport Limousine Bus
  Iyotetsudo Train Stations, Bus Offices(Not including Iyotetsu Nanyo Bus)
  Ishizaki Kisen Ferry Counter(Matsuyama Tourist Port Terminal)
  Inside an Ishizaki Kisen Ferry

Ishizaki Kisen Ferry・Setonaikai Kisen(Sale for foreigners)

○Where the pass can be used
  Ishizaki Kisen and Setonaikai Kisen ferries for the Hiroshima~Kure~Matsuyama route, or the Super Jet.

○One-way trip costs
 <Super Jet>
       Matsuyama~Hiroshima   Matsuyama~Kure   Hiroshima~Kure
Adult         5,070円         3,960円       1,500円
Child         2,540円         1,990円        750円
       Matsuyama~Hiroshim    Matsuyama~Kure   Hiroshima~Kure
Adult         2,570円         1,910円        660円
Child         1,290円          960円        330円

○Terms of Use
  Non-Japanese Passport

○Locations Sold
   Each Ferry Port

Uchiko・Ozu Town Walk 1 Day Pass

○Pass Name
   Uchiko・Ozu Town Walk 1 Day Pass

○Where the pass can be used
  Express Trains and Normal Trains (Free Seating) between JR Matsuyama Station~JR Iyo Ozu Station
  ※ A discount special is given towards tourist facilities in Ozu and Uchiko
  Adult 2,840円, Children 1,420円

○Valid Perios
  1 Day
○Sales Period
  Until March 31, 2020
○Locations Sold
  JT Ticket Offices (Midori no Madoguchi) for JR Shikoku stations
  Most travel agencies within Shikoku
  Dogo(Yamatoya Honten, Dogo-Kan, Dogo Prince Hotel, Dogo Grand Hotel)etc.