"What kind of place is Ehime?" "I want to go, but I can't right now…"
We have created a series of virtual reality (VR) videos that let viewers experience a virtual trip to Ehime for people with such thoughts on their mind!
Ehime's famous Imabari Towel will lead you on a journey to Ehime filled with wonder, from majestic outdoors and exhilarating activities, to emotional history, and even local cuisine!
If these videos make you want to go, then please come to Ehime in person someday!

*Uses the Ambisonics surround sound format. Please enjoy it with earphones.

Strolling Through the Dogo Onsen Area ~ A Rejuvinating Dogo Adventure ~

Activity ~ Canyoning and Ziplining ~

Shimanami Kaido Cycling ~Together with the Ocean Breeze ~

Matsuyama Castle ~ One of 12 Original Castle Towers ~

Climbing Mt. Ishizuchi ~ The Largest Peak of Western Japan ~

Shikoku Karst ~ Journey Trhough the Sky ~

Ohenro ~ Iwayaji Temple ~

A Historical Stroll Through Ehime ~ Uchiko, Ozu ~

A Gourmet Trip Through Ehime ~ Mikan, Jakoten, Taimeshi, Yakitori ~