Honhaga Family Residence


The main branch house of the Japanese wax production industry in Uchiko
A building that stands out even among the extravagant houses of the Yokaichi Gokoku Preservation District. The building was built in 1889 by the leading Kamihaga family of Japanese wax production. The building has been designated an important cultural property, You can get a glimpse of the prosperity of the time by looking at the extravagant ongawara ornaments and plaster decorations trhoughout the residence. As the building is still being used you cannot see every part of the residence, but the exterior and garden themselves have enough charm to make visiting the residence worth it.
Address 愛媛県喜多郡内子町内子2888
Phone 0893-44-5212
Business Hours9:00~16:30
Days Closed for BusinessGarden is always open, and the exterior is open for viewing
Directions15 minute walk from the JR Uchiko Station
NotesOnly the exterior and garden (partial) can be viewed.