Ishizuchi Tozan Ropeway


Take a ropeway to the sacred Mt. Ishizuchi
A ropeway leading to the Jōju-sha shrine trailhead, which
provides access to one of Mount Ishizuchi’s climbing routes.
An approximately 8-minute ride connects the Sanroku Shimodani-eki station (455 m) with the Sanchō Jōju-eki station (1,300 m).
Address 愛媛県西条市西之川下谷甲81
Phone 0897-59-0331
Business Hours[Ropeway] 8:40~17:00 ※May change based on season or current operations
[Lift] 9:00~16:30 (Late April~November 24)
[Ropeway] Open Year-round (Period of no service in early April, service may halt due to weather)
[Lift] November 25 ~ Late April
Price[Ropeway Fee (One-way)] Adults (middle school and up) 1200 Yen / Children (elementary and below) 600 Yen
[Lift (One-way)] One-way 350 Yen
DirectionsCar / Rental Car use
Notes※ The ropeway and lift may shut down due to scheduled maintenance