Murakami Suigun Museum


Experience the life of the pirates of the Seto Inland Sea!
The museum presents the maritime history of the Murakami Suigun, known as “the lords of the sea”, who were in control of the Seto Inland Sea during the Sengoku period. The exhibition includes precious documents on the history and culture of the Murakami Suigun and the Imabari area. Visitors can experience the life of a pirate by putting on a suit of armour or paddling against the sea currents while enjoying views of the rapids around the Noshima castle ruins and the Hakata and Oshima Bridges.
Address 愛媛県今治市宮窪町宮窪1285
Phone 0897-74-1065
Business HoursOpen 9am - 5pm
Days Closed for BusinessClosed on Mondays (except public holidays, in which case the museum is closed the next working day), 29 December to 3 January
PriceAdults 310yen, Students 160yen, Students under 18 and Children are free, Senior Citizens (over 65) 250yen
Discounts for groups of over 20: Adults 250yen, Students 130yen
Parking50 car parking spaces and 3 coach parking spaces available
Free parking
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