Toyo's Machupichu "Tonaru"


Bringing the History of "Tonaru" to Today
The Industrial Heirtage Group of the Besshi Mines in the deep mountains of Niihama. During its golden age the area was lively and filled with people, but with the closing of the mine only traces of town were left. In recent years, the stone and brick walls of the buildings and in location in a highly elevated area have earned it the nickname "Toyo's Machupichu," and it has become a popular spot for tourists. During clear days you the 750m elevation awards you with a beautiful view of the city of Niihama and the Seto Inland Sea.
Address 愛媛県新居浜市立川町654-3
Phone 0897-36-1300
Business Hours10:00~17:00 (March ~ November)
Days Closed for BusinessMonday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) / December ~ February
DirectionsCar / Rental Car
Parking71 general parking spaces available