Tomoura Garden


A blue ocean, green mountains and orange mikan field
A tourist garden where you can pick mikan while enjoying sights of the calm ocean and islands. The mikan are grown on steep mountain slopes facing south towards the ocean to make use of the properties of the sea breeze and sunlight that give the mikan their concentrated flavor. Aside from general mikan picking, there are also seasonal picking seasons for various types of Ehime citrus, such as the harehime picking in December, the dekopon picking in January, and amanatsu mikan picking in February. This location has become a great spot to enjoy pesticide-free organic fruite while also enjoying the view of the beautiful Seto inland sea and mountains.
Address 愛媛県今治市宮窪町友浦
Phone 0897-86-2206
Business Hours8:00~16:30 (October ~ March end)
Days Closed for BusinessOpen All Days During Period
PriceMikan Picking Fee: Adults (middle school and up) 1,000 Yen / Children (elementary and below) 500 Yen
Notes*Advanced Reservation 3 days prior