Uwajima City Bullfighting Arena


Real fights of bull versus bull
“Bullfighting” is a folk culture of the Uwajima region that is rarely seen in other parts of Japan. The matches have no time limit, some fights can be ended within one minute while others can last for over 40 minutes. The longest fight on record is 2 hours 40 minutes. The fights between bulls of over 1 ton glaring and hitting against each other are a gripping spectacle. Regularly scheduled bullfighting tournaments take place five times a year. This uniquely powerful tradition should be experienced at least once!
Address 愛媛県宇和島市和霊町496-2
Phone 0895-25-3511
Business HoursOpen 12-2pm (Arena open at 10am)
Days Closed for BusinessBullfighting tournaments take place five times a year. *Please contact the arena for the dates.
PriceTickets 3,000yen, Tickets for groups of over 20: 2,500yen, Children (under 15) Free
Directions(Closest bus stop)
By Uwajima Jidosha Bus: Uwajima-eki-Mae bus stop (25 min.)
Parking200 car parking spaces available
Free parking
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