Shirai Falls


The scenery is breath-taking!
Great writers such as Shiki Masaoka and Soseki Natsume visited the falls and composed a number of well-known Tanka (short poems) and Haiku about the scenery. The waterfalls are easily accessible via a footpath that leads to the perfect viewing location. A great number of visitors come to the Shirai Falls Festival on 3 November. The 96m tall falls freeze in winter when you may be lucky enough to see the mystical beauty of the gigantic frozen waterfall. Along with a nearby farm park, the falls are the perfect place to enjoy some amazing natural beauty.
Address 愛媛県東温市河之内
Phone 089-964-4414
PriceFree admission
ParkingThere is a paid-for car park with 15 places available and a free car park with approximately 30 places.
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