Kuma Kogen Furusato Ryoko Mura


A village resort offering activities and accommodation
The Kuma Kogen Furusato Ryoko Mura is the perfect place to experience the traditional life of the local farms, enjoy the incredible mountain scenery, or even stay the night in a tranquil local village. Within the village there is a temple, a storehouse, and a number of traditional thatched farmhouses relocated from Kumakogen-cho. Five of these farmhouses are designated as ‘Tangible Cultural Properties’. Other attractions include a mountain village history museum, a planetarium, and an observatory. The village has cabins and a camping area for a relaxing stay.
Address 愛媛県上浮穴郡久万高原町下畑野川乙488
Phone 0892-41-0711
Business HoursOpen 8:30am- 5pm
Days Closed for BusinessClosed on Mondays (except public holidays, in which case it is closed the next working day), days following public holidays and 29 December to 3 January
PriceVillage entry: Free admission
Cabins: 12000yen -22000yen per cabin *depending on the size of cabin (4-6 person or 5-7 person cabins available) *Additional charges of 3000yen per person apply
Camping area: 600yen per tent, water charges: 330yen per person
Fishing pond: fishing rod with bait 500yen
Pizza making: from 2200yen depending on the size *booking required (minimum 8 people)
Parking100 car parking spaces and 10 coach parking spaces available
Free parking
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