Yusumizugaura Terrace Field


A terraced field stretching toward the sky
Located on the peninsula of the Uwa Sea, this terraced field of stacked stones creates a harmonious scene beside the beautiful sea. Not only have the local townsfolk created a place of scenic beauty, but the field produces a healthy crop thanks to the abundant sunshine and the warming effect of the stone walls. The area was selected as one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Japan and designated an Important Cultural Landscape in 2007. The top of the terrace is 80 meters above sea level, while viewed from below the steep terrace of over 30 degrees appears as a staircase ascending to the sky.
Address 愛媛県宇和島市遊子水荷浦
Phone 0895-62-0091
Directions(Closest bus stop)
By Uwajima Jidosha Bus: Mizugaura bus stop (1 min.)
ParkingApproximately 20 car parking spaces available
Free parking
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