Sadamisaki hana hana

伊方町観光交流拠点施設 佐田岬はなはな

If you'r looking to explore the Sada Cape, be sure to stop by!
A sightseeing exchange base located in Ikata town. Opened in 2020. Includes a restaurant where guests can enjoy the flavors of tiny fresh fish called shirasu and other locally caught seafood, a café, and a depot for direct sales of local specialties.
Address 〒796-0801 愛媛県伊方町三崎1700番地11
Phone 0120-133-004
Business HoursBusiness Hours
Days Closed for Business12/29~1/1
Directions1 minute walk from Misaki Port

By Car
50 minutes from Yawatahama Station
68 spaces for regular parking / 4 spaces for handicap parking
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