Narukawa Gorge


A natural creation of the beautiful gorge
Narukawa Gorge stretches 3km along the stream of Mt. Onigajo. Seasonal changes in the scenery can be enjoyed here from wild cherry blossoms in spring and verdant greens in summer to autumn leaves and winter scenes blanketed in snow. The gorge is full of greenery with a wide variety of trees, mosses and ferns, and abounds in awe-inspiring scenery, the result of thousands of years of natural erosion. Walking trails are accessible for families with younger children or the elderly and are the perfect way to enjoy the incredible scenes of the gorge’s natural beauty.
Address 愛媛県北宇和郡鬼北町奈良
Phone 0895-45-1111
Days Closed for BusinessClosed on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month *Open every day in August
ParkingApproximately 50 car parking spaces available
Free parking
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