Temple 51: Ishiteji (Temples on the Pilgrimage)

熊野山 石手寺

An impressively mysterious and sacred place
This temple is No. 51 of the 88 temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Many tourists come to visit the famously mysterious temple in addition to those on the pilgrimage. The temple is home to a number of famous buildings such as the Niomon Gate, a designated national treasure, and the temple’s main hall, bell tower and pagoda, designated Important Cultural Properties. Other popular sights include a goddess for safe childbirth, a treasure house, the Mantra cave, and an inner temple. There is something for everyone at Ishite-ji and something new to discover with each visit.
Address 愛媛県松山市石手2-9-21
Phone 089-977-0870
Business HoursOpen 8am - 5pm
Days Closed for BusinessOpen every day
Price[Treasure house] Adults 200yen, Children (13-18) 150yen, Children (under 12) 100yen
ParkingApproximately 40-50 car parking spaces and 10 coach parking spaces available
Mondays to Fridays: Cars 210yen per hour, Coaches 740yen per hour
Saturdays and Sundays: Cars 260yen per hour, Coaches 1,050yen per hour
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