Botchan Train 坊っちゃん列車

A restored locomotive “as tiny as a matchbox”

The original locomotive was active and loved by the locals for 67 years from 1888. It came to be known as “Botchan Ressha” after the main character of a famous novel by Soseki Natsume. The original steam locomotives puffing black smoke have been remodelled as diesel-powered replicas. Drivers dress as they did 100 years ago transporting visitors back to an earlier era. The train runs from Matsuyama city centre to Dogo Onsen offering passengers a nostalgic ride and a view of town from the train window.

Basic Infomation

Address 愛媛県松山市道後
Hours Locomotive operating hours: 9:30am – 5:33pm (Matsuyama City station to Dogo-Onsen station)
Tel 089-948-3323
Website Click here
Price Adults 800yen, Children 400yen