Tanbara Mogitate Fruit Picking Club 丹原もぎたて倶楽部

A harvesting activity where you can mingle with the local farmers as you pick fruit that have been basking in the sun.

Saijō-shi is famous as a city where an abundance of fruit from all four seasons is available to be harvested. Gustatory tours at tourist orchards can also be enjoyed, with fruits ranging from grapes and figs to rare Taishū persimmons.

Basic Infomation

Address 〒791-0521 愛媛県西条市丹原町長野2234番地
Hours Fig picking Early August ~ Late November / Blueberry picking Late July ~ Early September / Chestnut picking September ~ Early October / Grape picking Early August ~ Early October / Persimmon picking Early October~Late November
(Please visit the specific farm or official home page for more details. Only available in Japanese)
Tel 0898-68-0120
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