Iyonada Monogatari 伊予灘ものがたり

The sightseeing train that makes two round trips a day between Matsuyama and Iyo-Ozu/Yawatahama. Sitting on roomy seats in the train with the “retro-modern” interior creating a tranquil atmosphere, passengers can enjoy attractive scenery from the train window during all four seasons, as well as meals rich with fresh local ingredients. The hospitality of exclusive attendants and the genuine welcome from people along the line warm the hearts of passengers.

Basic Infomation

Hours Matsuyama ⇔ Iyo-Ozu Leave at 8:26 Arrive at 10:28
Iyo-Ozu ⇔ Matsuyama Leave at 10:57 Arrive at 13:01
Matsuyama ⇔ Yawatahama Leave at 13:31 Arrive at 15:50
Yawatahama ⇔ Matsuyama Leave at 16:14 Arrive at 18:17
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