Brewery Tour of National Designated Tangible Cultural Asset


Brewery Tour of National Designated Tangible Cultural Asset
A long-established sake brewery with a long history and culture, established in Yawatahama in 1916, where shipping and commerce were prosperous and called "Osaka in Iyo"5 places such as offices and rice mills built in the early Showa period were designated as national registered tangible cultural properties. The building, completed in 1933 and covered with a noren (a short split curtain hung at the entrance of a room), looks like a Western building from the outside, but the interior is a Japanese tiled building with a yosemune-yane (hipped roof), creating an elegant atmosphere.Why don't you take a look at the sake brewery where the traditional squeezers and storage rooms are still used and inherited with great care?
Address 〒796-0051 愛媛県八幡浜市1557-2
Phone 0894-22-0312
Business HoursYear-round
Days Closed for BusinessSaturday and Sunday,National holiday
PriceTour free (The tour is basically free.)
Cost of tour: 3,000JPY per person (including souvenior :Limited-time・by resarvation only
DirectionsIyotestu Nanyo Bus: 2 minutes from Uwajima City Hospital
ParkingAvailale (26 car)
Free parking
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