Ainan-cho Nishiumi Pleasure Boat (Uwakai Kaiiki Koen Marine Park)


A fantastic underwater paradise of tropical fish and coral reefs
The Uwakai Kaiiki Koen Marine Park is a paradise of tropical fish and coral reefs. Here the water temperature is never below 15 degrees, even in winter. The underwater pleasure boats, “Yumekaina” and “Gaiyana” take you to this scuba diving mecca. As the central viewing room of the boats dive down to 1.1m, you can enjoy the fantastic underwater scenery of the coral-covered sea floor and schools of tropical fish swimming by from the convenience of the boat. Better still, experience the warm water of the Uwa Sea and check out the little-known creations of nature thanks to the incredibly clear ocean water.
Address 愛媛県南宇和郡愛南町船越1599
Phone 0895-82-0280
Business HoursOpen 9am – 4pm
Days Closed for BusinessClosed on 31 December and 1 January
Price[Depart Funakoshi] Yumekaina: Adults 2,300yen, Children (6-12) 1,150yen, Children (under 5) Free, Gaiyana: Adults 2,100yen, Children (6-12) 1,050yen, Children (under 5) Free
[Depart Kashima] for the Underwater Paradise Nishiumi Marine Park Kashama
(Return tickets) Adults 560yen, Children (6-12) 280yen, Children (under 5) Free
ParkingApproximately 300 car parking spaces available
Free parking
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