Enjoy the famous Iyo sweets, Hatada tart.


Enjoy the famous Iyo sweets, Hatada tart.
The famous chestnut tart and various famous sweets from Hatada are selling, and you can also experience making a chestnut tart roll at this sweets shop. At the "Hatada Chestnut Tart Dojo" where you roll chestnut tarts, you can wear a happi coat of the dojo, making tarts, and bring back your own tart in a special box. The staff will teach you how to make it so even small children can enjoy it at ease. You can also see the process of making the Hatada chestnut tart for free.
Address 〒791-0213 愛媛県東温市牛渕1008-1
Phone 089-964-5000
Business HoursYear-round [Hatada Okashi-kan (Hatada Confectionery Shop)] 9:00~19:00
Days Closed for BusinessThe factory is closed irregularly, so you cannot visit the factory when it is closed.
Price[Hatada Chestnut Tart Roll Experience] 1100JPY
Production lines : tour free
ParkingAvailable:standard car~100 car/ heavy-duty vehicle 8 car

Free Parking
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NotesReservation required Tart roll experience
Reservation is not required for the factory tour and the tour is free.