Cape Sada Lighthouse Sea Picnic


Cape Sada Lighthouse Sea Picnic
A lecture on how to enjoy a picnic using tourism resources around the Cape Sata Lighthouse.For fun lunches, serving a stylish lunch box(every Day) made with local ingredients and a fisherman's most recommended, "supreme BBQ" (3rd Sunday). At BBQ, in addition to turban shells, squid and Jakoten, you can enjoy eating abalone and spiny lobster optionally. In order for you to eat it in the best condition, men who know the features of ingredients will teach you "The timing of when to eat".
Address 〒796-0823 愛媛県西宇和郡伊方町正野1598
Phone 0894-21-2247
Business HoursMay 1~October 31
[Sea Picnic] Every day (fixed Hopiday~Thursday) [BBQ] 3rd Sunday
Days Closed for BusinessThursday
Price [Sea Picnic] 2000JPY
[BBQ] 1000JPY~(excluding drinks)
DirectionsRecommended coming by private car Because it is far from the bus stop.
Parking50 car parking spaces available
Free parking
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NotesHeld even in light rain
No reservation required in advance
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