Narukawa Gorge Healing Experience

Narukawa Gorge Healing Experience
Located in the Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, Narukawa Gorge is a healing spot full of negative ions surrounded by clear streams and greenery.Here, you can enjoy the "Healing" experience that you cannot experience in daily life. 1. Yoga while forest bathing and Takatsuki hot spring bathing 2. " Healing Cafe" and " Hospitality BBQ"Setting up specially in the gorge. 3. Easy and enjoyable "empty-handed BBQ"
Address 〒798-1351 愛媛県北宇和郡鬼北町奈良
Phone 0895-45-2639
Business HoursYear-round
PriceNarukawa gorge Healing Eexperience "Yoga while forest bathing" 1,200JPY
Hospitality BBQ 2,500JPY~
Empty-handed BBQ 2,500JPY~
DirectionsUWAJIMA Bus Co., Ltd. Narukawa Bus Stop
ParkingAvailable/40 car
Free parking
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